Make a positive footprint

Your capacity to establish your legitimacy and build your credibility as a socially responsible brand will make you win the game.

Whether you are a for-profit or a non-profit organisation, we help you rise to the challenge of establishing a distinctive reputation of authenticity to secure stakeholder buy-in and engagement, both internally and externally


Shaping Your
Organisational Culture

We analyse what is specific and special about you, what differentiates you from your peers.
We capture your brand personality

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Building Your
Social Purpose

We help you devise how your for-profit and non-profit activities can benefit society. We help you strategize with all stakeholders to steer up Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy programmes that are efficient and impactful.
We enhance your brand responsibility

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Mastering Your
Sustainability Communications

We articulate your story and help convey an authentic message in the right way, to the right audiences, at the right time.
We foster a compelling brand voice

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About us

We draw on a network of expertise and connect the dots in your business to ensure
“soft skills” lead to firm success.

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  • Dans la tête de Warren Buffett…

    Juillet 2018

    (ou ce que l'on pourrait y trouver !)

    87 ans… Susie m'a dit qu'il est temps de penser à rédiger mes Mémoires. Elle a toujours un coup d'avance, ma Susie, et toujours peur pour moi. Quelle idée farfelue d'expliquer à la presse que je ne stocke pas de piles de Coke chez moi ! Pire, de revendiquer que je paie moi-même ce que je bois ! Pousser ma fille à se faire mon avocate publiquement sur des rumeurs…quel coup de maître de journaliste.

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  • What makes a good fundraising experience?

    March 2018

    We live in times of unmatched speed of wealth creation and of general agreement that the private sector has an equally unmatched responsibility over development in the Global South. Yet, these are also times where competition for philanthropic fundraising is fierce, especially when it is about attracting and securing private sector capital.

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  • Inside the Mind of Warren Buffett

    November 2017

    Eighty-seven years old… Susie has told me it’s time to start thinking about writing my memoires. Hmm… She’s always ahead of the game, my Susie, and always worried for me. What could have gotten into her to be explaining to the press that I didn’t have stockpiles of Coke at my house? Even worse, to be claiming that I pay for what I drink myself? That’s a heck of a story, right there. (Smiles.)

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